Headshots by Kali offers a unique price guide, to fit everyone's personal needs. 

Build Your Own Packages:

Email me at Kali@HeadshotsbyKali.com with your budget and needs for your head-shot session. 

For example: 
"Hi! My budget is around $100 and I would need a 2 look session."
-We can build a 2 look session with a 45 minute block time, 3 digitals per look, and a proof gallery. 
"Hi! I really need 3 looks but cannot go past $300"
-We could set up a 90 minute block time, 3 looks, 5 digitals per look, a proof gallery, for $275. 

**These are just examples for hypothetical emails and budgets**

Each session is customized to the person, with everything going into the overall cost and inclusion. 
Location, Date, Time, How many looks, Styling, etc., 


1. Is there a minimum fee?
-Yes! Minimum fees do go based on location, however. Central Florida's minimum fee is $75, and likely will result in a come as you are or one look session. California's minimum fee is $125, NYC's is $150, and Atlanta is $100. 

2. Do you offer free sessions?
-Headshots by Kali is a profitable business and cannot afford to work for free. Please refer to question #1 

3. What if I don't have a set budget?
-Email me with exactly what you need, and your maximum cost, and I can create a custom package tailored to fit that request. 
(Ie: I cannot go over $400 but I'd like 2 looks for my 2 children).

TEXT: 352.408.5278 

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